Technology Licensing and Custom Development

Technology & Development Services

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Development Services

  • Product Design
  • Embedded Hardware Design
  • PCB Design
  • Firmware Development
  • App UI Design
  • App Development
  • Intellectual Property Strategy
  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Product Maintenance
  • API Development
  • SDK Development

Connected Products

Wearable Inc. is a full stack development house for products targeting the consumer, industrial, and enterprise markets. We specialize in embedded design that includes hardware, firmware, and application development. We can also provide maintenance over the product lifetime. We've shipped millions of connected products with millions of in-field updates. We specialize in wireless communication technologies including Bluetooth 5, WiFi, ZigBee, Thread, LTE CAT-M1/M2, etc. We design PCBs in-house and can prototype most PCB assemblies in-house. From proof-of-concept to mass production, we are the team that delivers to the end customer or with a smooth hand-off to your team.

ODM Technology Ready to Go

We have many working technologies available for your ODM needs. We have battery powered IoT sensors with Apple HomeKit and/or Google Eddystone stacks ready to go. 4K video streaming over WiFi and complete high security routers are also some of our capabilities. Our team can provide new product ideas with an intellectual property plan to minimize market risk and maximize your investment.

Proven Delivery and Security

We pioneered the wireless flash drive with our AirStash® product line and have shipped millions of units. We've developed cybersecurity communication software for DARPA. Our Nanite Project is a complete open source development suite for IoT development. We take pride in developing products that will perform and last in the field. Finally, we believe in engineering ethically, which means we only work on projects that allow the end-user to understand their privacy-feature tradeoffs. We only design products we would use ourselves.